Kasama, June 18, 2019, ZANIS----Kasama District Commissioner Kelly Kashiwa has urged livestock farmers to take good care of their animals if they are to flourish in the livestock business.

Mr Kashiwa explained that the livestock sector is among the lucrative sectors which farmers can reap great benefit if they invest in it.

He added that this is why government through the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock is promoting the livestock sector by implementing programs in various parts of the country.

The District Commissioner stated some of the projects that government is implementing as the construction of livestock infrastructure and distribution of livestock to farmers cooperatives of, which Kasama is among the beneficiaries.

He said this when he handed over 7 diary calves to 4 beneficiaries of the Kasama Dairy Farmers Cooperatives.

Mr Kashiwa has advised beneficiaries to ensure that they take care of the animals and follow the laid down rules so that they can pass on the benefits to other farmers.

He noted that if well managed, the animals can produce a lot of milk which can be used to make various dairy products such as ice cream, cheese, sour milk among others.

Meanwhile, Acting Provincial Fisheries and Livestock Coordinator Ramans Kayumu expressed concern at the low milk production at the center.

Mr Kayumu stated that the center currently produces between 60 to 80 liters a day which is however not sufficient to run the diary machinery at the facility which needs a minimum of 200 liters of milk.

Mr Kayumu noted with concern that if the trend continues the machinery may soon start to suffer the effects of under use such as developing rust.

He has since advised farmers to start bulking the milk and keep it in the cold storage so that once the minimum amount required to run the machinery is meet the product can the processed.

And Margaret Lombe, a beneficiary, has thanked government for the gesture and giving them an opportunity to own the animals.

Ms Lombe has since advised farmers to safeguard the animals by ensuring that they are well taken care of adding that it is only by taking good care of the them that they will see the benefits.

Government recently gave out 20 dairy cows to 10 farmers of the Kasama Dairy Farmer Cooperative under the Climate Resilient Livestock Management Project with the view of passing on the benefits to other farmers.