Lusaka, July 8, 2019, ZANIS----------Sudanese Ambassador to Zambia Hussein Ali says Zambia’s peace should be cherished in the entire African continent and globally.

Mr Ali says this is because Zambia has had smooth transition of power for 55 years from the one party state to the current multiparty democracy.

He said this during the press briefing held at the Sudan Embassy in Lusaka yesterday.

ZANIS reports that the Sudanese Envoy explained that Zambia and other African countries should take a leaf from the recent political revolution in Sudan.

“Zambia is respected world over and the peace that has existed since 1964 should be cherished by all the people in and outside Africa. Other countries should learn from the recent developments in Sudan and know that the power of the people always prevail, “Mr Ali stressed.

Meanwhile, the two factions comprising the Military Council and the Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) reached a power sharing deal.

Sudanese Ambassador to Zambia Hussein Ali said who has confirmed the development in Lusaka today underscored that on 5th July the two factions agreed that the civilians will have six members that will rule for 18 months and the Military Council will have 5 members that will rule for 21 months until elections are held.

He explained that Cabinet will be formed by the civilians comprising 20 ministers.

Mr Ali disclosed that 18 Ministers will be chosen by the civilian council and the Ministries of defence and interior will be appointed by the Military council.

Former Sudanese President Omar Obashir who ruled for 30 years was overthrown and arrested by the Military in April 2019.

Sudan has witnessed three revolutions the first one being in 1964, 1985 and the recent one in April 2019.