Chinsali, November 13, 2019, ZANIS---A 39 -year- old woman of Zebe Village in Chief Chifunda of Chama South Constituency of Chama District in Muchinga Province has died after she was attached by a wounded buffalo.

The incident happened on Sunday November 10, 2019 around 09:00 hours.

ZANIS reports that Chama District Commissioner, Leonard Ngoma,   and Muchinga Province Police Commissioner, Engineer Joel Njase, confirmed the incident in separate telephone interviews yesterday.

Mr Ngoma said Alice Msimuko, aged 39, was attacked and killed by a wounded buffalo adding that the deceased was also 32 weeks pregnant.

“The deceased was on her way to Chifunda clinic for ante natal checkup using a bush road accompanied by a friend when a wounded buffalo suddenly appeared from the bush and attacked them, “he said.

Mr Ngoma stated that since Alice was eight months old pregnant, she failed to run away while the friend managed run.

“The unborn baby girl in the womb was also smashed equally crashed to death, “he added.

And Mr Ngoma has appealed to the department of National Parks and Wildlife to come to the aid of the people in the area before the situation gets worse.

Mr Ngoma said it sad that issues of human animal conflict are becoming high in Chama saying residents are now leaving in fear.

Chama South Constituency Member of Parliament Davison Mungandu has oflate been complaining of human animal conflicts in his constituency especially in Chifunda and Chikwa Chiefdoms.