Mansa, July 4, 2019, ZANIS---The Catholic Diocese in Mansa with support from government will next week start the unlocking of water channels leading to Lunga district.

Caritas Mansa Director Lemon Ndelela disclosed that government has decided to work with the church in an effort to unblock channels in Lunga district.

Father Ndelela points out that the first priority will be given to channels which are in a bad state like the ones in Chief Kasoma Lunga's area.

ZANIS reports that Fr Ndelela noted that most of the channels which leads to Lunga district has been blocked for a long time, the situation which he said had affected the normal flow of water thereby causing floods.

He notes that the step to start working on these channels on time will help to avert any further problem which might come as a result of blocked channels.

Fr. Ndelela says the idea is to see all the channels which leads to Lunga district unblocked before the onset of rains but that this will depend on the availability of funds.

Meanwhile, Fr Ndelela indicates that the church has continued lobbing for funds to help people in Lunga who were affected by the floods.

He says it is the desire of the church to see to it that families which were affected by floods are helped as soon as possible.

The Director explains that the Church will continue following the happenings in Lunga district so as to ensure that the lives of the people in the area are safe.

Fr. Ndelela has since thanked government for the steps it has taken to address the hunger situation in areas which were affected by poor rainfall and floods.

He has however, observed that there is still need for more stakeholders to come on board and help solve the hunger situation in the affected districts.