Katete, December 5, 2019, ZANIS---Chief Kathumba of the Chewa speaking people of Katete and Sinda Districts of Eastern Province has bemoaned a growing trend by men who impregnate young women and refuse to take responsibility of the unborn child and the expectant mother.

Chief Kathumba lamented that this was a form of Gender Based Violence (GBV) that affected the women not only psychologically but physically as well.

“Please the issue of GBV is true. The violence against children especially the girls, beating of wives and failing to provide finances after harvesting is GBV. But there is another form of GBV were women are being impregnated but men are not marrying them,” he said.

Chief Kathumba said this during a combined commemoration of the 16 days of activism against Gender Based Violence (GBV) and the World AIDS Day.

The two commemorations were held under the themes; ‘raising an equal conscious generation against gender based violence’; and ‘communities making a difference, pressing towards ending AIDS’ respectively.

The Chief said this had a negative effect on the development of the country as it affected the education of the women and their finances.

The traditional leader further stated that if the community continued on this path, it would destroy the nation because, there would be no education and development were women and children are psychologically, physically and economically violated through one’s irresponsible behavior.

Meanwhile, Katete District Administrative Officer (DAO), Anslow Muchelemba, said there was need for the public to foster love towards one another.

Ms Muchelemba said if one loves the other person it would be difficult to defile, rape, or beat them as they would think of the love they have for that person.

“Let us show love for one another and let us not defile children. A person should be humane enough and not to come and claim that it is Satan that tempted me, to defile a child. Let us love one another and love the children around us, let us also show mercy to one another,” she said.

She encouraged the people to keep up with the good work of reporting the GBV issues that were happening in their communities to relevant authorities.

She said this was the only way that perpetrators of GBV would be made to face the law and that would be offenders would be restrained.