Sinazongwe, July 18, 2019, ZANIS --- The Netherlands Development Agency ( SNV ) says it has embarked on project being implemented in Zambia called the E4A project aims at developing viable market linkages for productive biogas that could lead to improved livelihoods of farmers through the use of bio-slurry manure and energy.

This is as opposed to the use of conventional fuel sources such as firewood, charcoal and chemical fertilizers, among other sources of energy.

Supported by the Swedish Embassy, Organization has for this reason, embarked on sensitizing farmers in Sinazongwe District on the benefits of utilizing Bio-digester technology for the production of energy and organic manure for farming.

ZANIS reports that SNV Regional biogas support unit Technical Officer Jonas Silwimba explains that through the E4A, vulnerable farmers and their families could use of biogas and bio-slurry for alternative production of energy and organic manure which he said could bring about socio-economic, health and environmental benefits to them.

The bio-digester technology could also be used in the practice of organic farming which could provide enhanced production and productivity compared to conventional farming methods, he added.

He added that pure organic farming could further reduce the costs of production, labour and also provide opportunities for diversification of production to farmers.

The SNV Regional biogas support unit Technical Officer said this yesterday the E4A sensitization meetings at Kanchindu and Mweemba agricultural camps respectively.

The biogas energy could be used for domestic activities such as cooking and lighting which proved to be far much better than using firewood and charcoal that contributed to deforestation resulting into negative effects on the environment.

Mr Silwimba who said this added that through the project, the SNV was contributing to the reduction of poverty levels amongst farmers by improving their livelihoods through the practice of improved farming methods.

Meanwhile, a Sinazongwe based prominent farmer and businessman, Dodo Sindaza has commended SNV for promoting the use of bio digester technology to farmers in the District as the technology would bring about multiple benefits once implemented successfully.

Mr Sindaza, who is also a beneficiary from the E4A project by constructing four bio digesters at his farms, told ZANIS in Sinazongwe in an interview that he had planned to use the technology to scale up production at his farms and gardens.

He said that his focus was on the production of bio-slurry (organic manure) to be used as an alternative to chemical fertilizers since the technology proved to be cheaper, increased production, promoted nutrition benefits and environmental friendly practices.