Chipata, June 14, 2019, ZANIS---Government has called on the traditional leadership in Chipata district, Eastern Province to come up with measures on how they are going to effectively sensitise small scale farmers on the importance of food security.

Chipata District Commissioner Kalunga Zulu has urged the traditional rulers to advise the farmers against being lured to sale all their maize produce to briefcase buyers, at the expense of preserving some for consumption at household level.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS today, Mr Zulu said the royal highnesses must advise their subjects not to sale off all their harvested maize, adding that doing so is capable of affecting the food security in the country.

He said some parts of Eastern Province did not receive adequate rainfall during the last farming season due to the effects of climate change, hence the need to preserve as much food as possible.

And Mr Zulu revealed that his office has received reports of some buyers who are going an extra mile by providing their own transportation in order to purchase the maize from the farmers.

He has since urged all stakeholders involved to ensure that they safeguard their food supply, adding that government will take the necessary measures to ensure that the country remains food secure.