President Lungu calls for crop diversification

President Edgar Lungu says there is need for crop diversification in order to curb hunger as the rainfall pattern keeps on changing.


President Lungu said people should identify the type of crops that suits the land terrain in the area where they live in the effort to reduce hunger situation in the country.


The President was speaking during a rally at Sichili Primary Shool in Mulobezi Districts of Western Province.


Mr Lungu encouraged Mulobezi  residents to cultivate crops such as cassava and not to  depend on growing maize alone.

Meanwhile the President disclosed that about 2500 by 50 bags of relief maize has been allocated for distribution in Sesheke and Mulobezi Districts.


President Lungu further added that government has released a huge sum of money amounting to $38.23 million in the quest to improve water reticulation in the province.


And in another development the President has cautioned residents in Mulobezi resident to desist from vandalising the railway line adding that the railway line is there to benefit them.