Police in Choma are holding a 22 year old man who is alleged to have crash landed in the area while ‘flying’ on a witchcraft mission from Kalulushi on the Copperbelt to Livingstone.

Southern province deputy police commissioner, Bonny Kapeso confirmed the incidence to ZANIS in Choma today and identified the suspect as Chilufya Makungu of house number 1A15 Nkana, Kalulushi. 

Mr Kapeso explained that Makungu was found within the United Church of Zambia (UCZ) Shampande congregation premises by the church caretaker in the morning in a confused state before church officials alerted police. 

He said the suspect who has professed to practising witchcraft further claimed that he was flying along with five other colleagues when he allegedly crash landed in Choma. 

Mr Kapeso said police are holding the man for further investigation into the bizarre story. 

And in an interview with ZANIS, Makungu said he and his colleagues were on a satanic mission to go and destroy an identified pastor in Livingstone. 

Makungu whose body is also heavily tattooed said he was initiated into the satanic world by his colleagues. 

And Shampande church caretaker Rita Hamalambo told ZANIS she found Makungu sprawled on the ground and that when she got closer, Makungu started slithering like a snake with bloody eyes.