Chembe, July 18, 2019, ZANIS ----- Over 200 Pupils at Lumbu Primary School in Chembe District in Luapula Province have been sitting on the floor while learning as the school has run out of desks for over two years now.

ZANIS reports that this follows a natural calamity the school faced in 2016 when the only one by two classroom block had its roof blown off and school furniture destroyed due to the impact of the tragedy.

Chembe District Education Board Secretary Charles Kakulwa however, revealed that government through Chembe Town Council has built a one by three classroom block under the 2017 community development fund but that no desks have procured yet.

Mr Kakulwa explained that the school has not been able to acquire desks for the pupils due to financial challenges.

He since called well-wishers to help the school with desks saying the pupils desperately need desks as sitting on the floor is cumbersome especially during the cold and rainy season when the floor is smeared with mad.

He explained that some pupils are beginning to lose concentration on their school work due to fatigue they experience as a result of sitting on the floor.

Government said recently it will soon reform the education system in order to make teaching and learning more responsive to overlapping demands.

Minister of General Education, David Mabumba, revealed that government through his ministry has embarked on five pillars of reforms in a bid to transform and reposition key components of Zambia’s education system.

Mr Mabumba said the reforms focus on teacher recruitment and career progression, school furniture, text book development, school infrastructure as well as examinations.