Ndola, November 13, 2019 ZANIS---Construction works for the $5.8million Water Reservoir and Water Network Connection in Mushili Township are progressing well.

According to Bwana Mkubwa constituency Member of Parliament, Jonas Chanda, the construction works are progressing well as they have reached an advanced stage.

Dr Chanda explained that the works which commenced three weeks ago are progressing well.

He added that the works are being undertaken by China National Complete Engineering (CNCE) and are expected to be completed in June 2020.

Dr Chanda added that the Water Reservoir Tank is 19 by 27 square metres with a height of 11 metres and a total water storage capacity of 5,400 cubic litres.

He further added that in addition to the Mushili project, a pump house will be constructed at the bottom of the hills at Zeeworld resettlement to pump water from the lower point to a higher point uphill into the reservoir.

Dr Chanda further said this would in turn take water downhill with increased pressure into Mushili Township.

The MP also added that so far 27kilometres of new water pipes have been laid in Jacaranda villa and 19kilometres out of the initial 41kilometres have so far been laid in Mushili Township.

Dr Chanda said once completed the project will benefit over 100, 000 resident with the supply of fresh and clean water.

The Reservoir and Water connection is costing government $3.8million while the Water Network Connection in Jacaranda Villa is costing $2million.