Lungu attends Mozambique’s pre-independence activities

President Edgar Lungu arrived in Mozambique last evening and joined his counterpart Filipe Nyusi at the cultural centre of the University of Eduardo Mondlane to witness various cultural performances ahead of today’s 40th independence celebrations.
President Lungu and President Nyusi were among hundreds of local residents to watch the event that showcased various cultural performances depicting the people and culture of Mozambique.
ZANIS reports from Mozambique that song and dance, the cultural part of that country, plays an important role in strengthening a number of   local customs and ceremonies.
On the people and culture front, Mozambique is home to a number of groups such as the Makua, Thonga, Shona/Ndau, Sena, Nyungwe and Yao who speak about 40 different languages and dialects of the bantu family.
The local customs, which are rooted in the culture of its local groups, are passed down through generations.
The local culture in Mozambique affects how its people practise their religious beliefs, healing methods, rites of passage for young men and women.
The culture further demonstrates how the local people deal with their community leaders.
Portuguese is Mozambique’s official language used by government, law and business community.
The Portuguese language has been in use since Mozambique got independence in 1975 from the Portuguese colonial rule.
The theme for Mozambique’s 40th independence celebration is “consolidating national unity, peace and progress”.