Lukulu and Mitete districts will soon embark on the implementation of the Pilot Program on Climate change Resilience (PPCR).
Three wards which have been identified to be more vulnerable to climate change namely Simakumba ward in Lukulu District, Nyaala and Muyondoti wards in Mitete District will kick start the pilot program.
And speaking during the three days PPCR planning sensitization workshop for Lukulu and Mitete districts today, at Lukulu council chamber, Mitete District Administrative officer Evance Kawila said Government’s policy and its cooperating partners is to find a lasting solution to climate change effects on the people.
Mr Kawilila added that government is committed to changing the lives of its people to better acceptable levels hence the workshop.
He pointed out that climate change has taken the world central stage because it affects everyone whether in the developed or developing countries.
He observed that the poor suffer more from the effects of climate change but pointed out that change of weather conditions can also have severe effects to the environment.
Mr Kawaila told the house that the Barotse sub-basin where the two districts are found has been affected with recent changes of weather patterns as observed on the recent rainfall activities.
He said that the program would have not come at the right time than this as the impact of climate change is visibly seen in reduced water levels in rivers and un predicted rainfall pattern.
Mr Kawilila also said that there is need to work hand in hand with communities and the stakeholders in order to effectively implement the program.