Mansa, June 13, 2019, ZANIS--- Mansa Trades Head of Agriculture Section Mathews Chate has observed that more needs to be done if Luapula Province is to become a food basket for both the Country and the Region.

Mr Chate points out that if the region is to realise the dream of becoming a food basket attention should also be given to irrigation in agriculture.

He points out that there is no reason for farmers in the Province to depend on rain water for agriculture when the Province is blessed with a lot of natural water bodies.

In an interview with ZANIS, Mr Chate indicates that there is need to come up with a deliberate programme aimed at encouraging farmers to practice irrigation.

He notes that if government can only come up with a skill development program for the locals so that they can have better understanding on irrigation.

Mr Chate says once people are trained on types of irrigation systems, it will be easier for them become viable farmers.

He notes that once farmers have enough knowledge on irrigation it will be easier to empower them with different types of irrigation equipment which will make them more effective and drive the growth of the agriculture sector.

He says once irrigation is realised in the province, farmers will be self-sustaining as they will be able to increase their income through the production of different crops all year round.