Lupososhi, November 9,  2019, ZANIS – Government says it will soon commence distributing free fertilizers to the elderly, people living with HIV/Aids and other related diseases in Lupososhi district of the Northern province.

ZANIS reports that this came to light during a meeting called by Lupososhi district commissioner Mambwe Katontoka to formulate the Lupososhi district food security committee.

The committee will spear head the distribution of free fertilizer to elderly people, people living with HIV/Aids, the disabled and others that need help from the government.

Mrs Katontoka explained during the meeting that it is the targeted vulnerable people in the area that the department of community development normally takes care of, annually.

And speaking at the same function Lupososhi district community development officer Dean Mweemba revealed that about 1050 by 50kg bags of fertilizer, 350 by 10kg bags of seed, 350 by 10kg beans to be distributed to vulnerable people in the district.

“  The consignment will be distributed to Musebo musaka, Chungu, Kapoma and Mumba villages in Chieftainess Chungu, Katuta in chief Katuta and Nsombo in chief Chabula,  respectively, “ Mr Mweemba said.

The committee will work hand in hand with department of agriculture, community welfare assistant committees to identify the beneficiaries in the said chiefdoms.

And Lupososhi district food security committee chairperson, Belvin Mwale, who is also Lupososhi District Education Board Secretary (DEBS) assured District Commissioner that no fertilisers will be deviated for personal gain.

Mr Mwale said the committee will work with the traditional rulers, village headmen and others when identifying people to benefit on the programme.

He later thanked the committee for electing him as the chairperson of the district food security committee chairperson for Lupososhi district.