Monze, July 11, 2019, ZANIS---Government has assured the people facing hunger in the District that it would soon start the distribution of mealie meal for relief food.

Monze District Commissioner Cyprian Hamanyanga said Government has engaged World Vision Zambia to distribute 4,480 by 12.5kilograms of  mealie meal relief food to starving communities in all the 22 wards and 560 maize bran for the livestock.

Mr Hamanyanga reiterated that Government would not allow citizens in the District to die of hunger as the engage partner with satellite committees are working on distribution modalities.

He has since called on satellite committee members to be transparent in the registration of beneficiaries for relief in the wards. Adding that the vulnerable and the disabled should be prioritised in food distribution.

Mr Hamanyanga said that his office held a meeting with 15 councilors to ensure that the hunger crises is normalised through this good gesture by the Government.

The District Commissioner further said that each ward would receive 203 bags by 12.5 kilograms of mealie meal and 25 bags by 50 kilograms of maize bran adding that the people have one choice either mealie meal or maize bran.

And Chona ward Councilor Goodfellow Munadimbwe said the most hit areas with hunger were Lweeta, Chona, Namununga, Kayola, Himukululu and Chivwali as people are allegedly surviving on wild fruits locally known as Zipama, Hamuvwamba and Ndiiya.

And Senior Headman Hing'andu Munadimbwe appealed government to take the appeal for relief food seriously before lives are lost either due to hunger or consumption of suspected poisonous wild roots.