Shibuyunji, September 26, 2019, ZANIS---Government has urged farmers to embrace local crop Diversity and conservation farming as a means to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change

And speaking at the Community Technology Development Trust (CTDT) Diversity Seed Fair which was held in Shibuyunji District, Acting Administrative Officer,  Kabelenga Lambwe says crop diversification is a key Government’s strategy to achieving house hold food and Nutrition security in the country.

Ms Lambwe says government believes that this initiative will lead to climate resilience ideas that will improve house hold Nutrition and food security in farmer’s houses as well as increase sustainable house hold income despite the changes in the weather patterns.

She has since commended CTDT for creating a platform for farmers to participate in the seed multiplication and diversification project of restoring some of the local crop varieties such as sorghum, pearl millet and cowpeas as means of crop diversification enhancement in the District.

She adds that the local varieties and traditional crops are resilient and may help farmers cope with the extremities of climate change.

She has since urged farmers to adopt, embrace and partner with stakeholders that are bringing such initiatives in order to harness long term food security and Nutrition in their households.

Ms Lambwe further encouraged farmers to increase the levels of involvement and participation in the seed Fair initiative.

Also speaking during the Seed Fair, Community Technology Development Trust Country Director Charles Nkhoma says he is impressed with how the farmers have participated in the seed multiplication of sorghum, pearl millet, cowpeas and other varieties.

Mr Nkhoma adds that this will restore some of the lost local varieties and contribute to enhanced crop diversification in Shibuyunji.

He has since urged farmers to take conservation farming and seed diversification seriously.