Nakonde, December 6, 2019, ZANIS ---A civic leader in Nakonde District of Muchinga has commenced a programme to promote literacy in her ward through awarding the best literacy class in Primary Schools.

Speaking on Wednesday December 4, 2019 during the award ceremony held in Mwenzo, Musayani ward Councillor, Charity Nakazwe, said she was prompted to come up with the literacy awards because she has observed that some children go as far as Grade 8 without knowing how to read.

Ms Nakazwe said she would love to expand the programme despite having financial challenges.

And Nakonde District Education Board Secretary (DEBS), Stanely Mwambazi,  has thanked the Councillor for initiating  such a programme.

Mr Mwambazi further encouraged learners to put in more effort to learn how to read and write especially when they are in the early Grades of Primary School.

The DEBS added that head teachers must also ensure that their leaners are able to read and write adding that Government has introduced a good curriculum to assist learners to read and write.

Government sees education as an important ingredient in the socio-economic and cultural transformation of Zambia and one of its priorities for national development.

The importance of education in the 7NDP and indeed as a critical development strategy for the current government cannot be overemphasized.

Meanwhile, Nakonde District Administrative officer, Alex Sinkala, who was the guest of honour, appealed to parents to stop the habit of sending their children to go and work in the crop fields instead of going to learn at school.

Mr Sinkala said such acts by the parents hinders children's progress at school.

The councillor awarded the most improved School in literacy, the Best Grade One class and the class teacher of the most improved Grade One class.