Chienge, August 23, 2019, ZANIS---The Local Authority in Chienge District in Luapula Province has embarked on rehabilitation of some selected roads under its jurisdiction.

The council is using funds from the capital component of the Local Government Equalization Fund.

Chienge Council Secretary (CS), Dulani Phiri said the local authority is using a grader it procured at a cost of K1.3 million using the 2018 Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

Mr Phiri explained that most roads in the district are in a poor state hence the council has seen it necessary to work on them before the onset of the rainy season so that they do not become impassable.

He stated that the local authority has so far rehabilitated all the township roads in Chienge boma and has opened up an area in Kasembe Village in Chipungu Ward which is earmarked for the establishment of a market.

ZANIS Reports that Mr Phiri further said the council is currently working on an eight kilometre stretch in Kapako area in Senior Chief Mununga’s area.

He explained that Kapako road leads to a resettlement scheme, primary school, rural health centre and one of the areas in Chienge District that produces high agricultural yields.

Mr Phiri said once the works on the road are completed the council will move to another site.