Lunga, July 11, 2019, ZANIS --- The Catholic Church has launched the unblocking of water channels Project in Lunga District in Luapula province.

Mansa Catholic Diocese Bishop Patrick Chisanga who launched the exercise in Lunga yesterday says the Church working with other partners has managed to organise resources to unblock the water channels, which he said are key in the area.

Bishop Chisanga discloses from, the time the District experienced flood largely due to blocked water channels the church in the province has trying to find solution for that people and the Zambia Council for Catholic Bishops (ZCCB).

ZANIS reports that Bishop Chisanga disclosed that different Dioceses have since come on board by donating various items in form of relief food and other items and that the church has also received financial support from Government which will be used towards the unblocking of water channels.

He points out that the church has decided to allow the local people to do the actual works of unblocking the channels, the move he said will not empower the local people but also guarantee good work as they know the importance of having unblocked channels.

The church has already procured tools for the local people to use the exercise through the support that the church has received from different stakeholders.

The Church’s first priority will be given to channels which are in a bad state like those in Kasoma Lunga's area.

With more resources available more channels will be worked on which improve the flow water in the area and avoid floods.

During the 2018/2019 rainy season Lunga District was hit by floods mainly due to overflow of water resulting from blocked channels which left many people homeless and in dire need of food as their houses and crops were submerged in water.