Katete Milanzi Constituency Member of Parliament White Banda says there is need for  Katete District Council’s workers to be sensitised on how public funds should be spent. 


Mr Banda says failure to do so will make ordinary people in Katete district to continue suffering.


ZANIS in Katete reports that the Parliamentarian said this in an interview after he attended the second full council meeting sat the council’s chambers today.


He said that he had just learnt from concerned Mkaika and Milanzi constituency officials that some unscrupulous individuals at the council were the habit of reckless spending and breaking procedures on government funds.



He said he was disappointed with the manner the council was handling public funds.


He said money meant for developmental projects was instead being used on wrong events, a situation that has led to stagnation of some projects in the district. 


Mr Banda said he had information on how the council had misapplied funds on the 19th of June 2015 when it hosted the ground breaking ceremony of a bus station construction project.


He explained that Mkaika and Milanzi Constituencies had contributed about K 650 thousand kwacha for the construction of the bus station from their Constituency Development Funds (CDF) but to their surprise the council is alleged to have gotten part of that money to host the ground breaking ceremony.


 He revealed that if the council wanted to hold the ground breaking ceremony they should have sourced funds on their own rather than using money intended for the construction.


The Parliamentarian said he will not keep quiet and watch public funds misused on the expense of the much desired development.


He said the parliamentarians in the district had earlier advised the council to lobby government for more funds as constructing a bus station using CDF funds was impossible because of other pressing matters that need the same funds.


Earlier during the sitting, Mr. Banda grilled the council chairperson Abraham Zulu and council Secretary on how much money was spent during the ground breaking ceremony of the bus station and where the funds came from.


Mr. Banda further asked the duo if procedures of government expenditure were followed. 



In response the council chairperson Abraham Zulu said procedures were not followed, an answer that only infuriated the member of Parliament and some concerned councillors.


The member of Parliament reminded that council that they were dealing with public funds hence the need to be responsible in the manner it is handled.