Ndola, June 12 2019, ZANIS ----- Bwanamukubwa Constituency Member of Parliament Jonas Chanda has empowered 44 women clubs in the wards under his constituency

ZANIS reports that Dr Chanda revealed in an interview that more than 1,300 residents in his constituency have benefitted from the chicken rearing empowerment project, which he said has gobbled K395, 000 of the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

Dr Chanda revealed that the 1,300 residents belong to three wards namely Chichele, kantolomba and Twashuka wards, respectively.

Each of the clubs received 200 chicks, chicken feed, feeding troughs, drinkers and medicines.

The Law maker said all the 44 community clubs across the constituency had received their chicken-rearing empowerment.

He emphasised that it should explained that clubs will not pay back anything because the Constituency Development Fund empowerment is not a loan.

He explained that the initiative behind empowerment is to help the beneficiaries have startup capital, which they should reinvest and become economically independent

Dr Chanda later encouraged all the clubs to work hard and avoid a culture of instant gratification and consumption.

The Parliamentarian stated that wealth creation was more important than mere consumption through handouts.

He disclosed that he intends to extend the empowerment projects to Youth Clubs who he said will be making and selling building blocks and cement.