Chama, November 13, 2019, ZANIS --- An 11- year- old minor of Phyanakunda village in Chief Lundu's Chiefdom of Muchinga province has set herself on fire allegedly in a suicide attempt.

The identified  victim, a grade four(4) pupil of Phyanakunda Primary School doused herself with diesel before  setting herself ablaze on Sunday,  November 10, 2019 around 08:00 hours.

ZANIS reports that both Chief Lundu of the Senga people and aunt to the victim, Phostina Ngoma,  have confirmed the incident in separate interviews in Chama today.

Chief Lundu explained that trouble started from school were the girl felt that she was being mistreated by her fellow classmates.

Chief Lundu, who rushed to the hospital where the minor was admitted for medication, has advised young people to be tolerate and endeavor to control their emotions.

Stressing that committing suicide is not a solution to solve problems, Chief Lundu said what has happened in Phyanakunda village is regrettable.

He also appealed to law enforcement agencies and the education authorities to fully in investigate the matter and bring to book culprits.

And aunt to the victim, Ms Ngoma narrated that the victim poured diesel on her body and later set herself ablaze using a match stick.

She said other relatives to the girl who were nearby managed to put out the fire and rushed the girl to Chama District Hospital where she is currently admitted and receiving medical attention.

Meanwhile, Chama North Member of Parliament Darious Mumba has donated accessories to help the patient with her quick recovery.

The Member of Parliament has since advised and cautioned people in the Constituency to desist from keeping flammable substances like disease, and petrol in their houses and anywhere within the reach of children.

Mr Mumba has also thanked the health practitioners for their quick intervention and for ensuring that the victim is attended to without any delays.